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Harjoittelun pääset aloittamaan yksityisen Startti-kurssin kautta joka sisältää 2 x 1,5h. Ajankohdat valitaan sinun aikataulusi mukaan. Kehosi kertoo mitä se tarvitsee ja sen mukaan suunnittelemme sinulle sopivan ohjelman. Voit valita aloituksen myös STARTTI-paketin kautta.

Huomasithan myös että studio tarjoaa sinulle 40 min. mittaisen tutustumistunnin.



Kurssihinta 120 € sis. alv. 10%

Oman ajan saat lähettämällä sähköpostia, pilatesjatta@gmail.com tai soittamalla 050 482 8200.


Tervetuloa mukaan ryhdikkäiden joukkoon!

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Pilates basic mat course on 9-12.11. by Prag Movement

Prag Movemet and Authentic Pilates Center/Pilates Gym Jatta arranges continuing pilates education to all who are interested to learn the traditional branch of the pilates method.

This education is created and adapted for physiotherapists, personal trainers, fitness and pilates instructors who are interested to deepen their knowledge about the pilates method or are totally new to it. After the course you will have the tools to teach on a basic level of pilates in a group environment and also apply the knowledge gained your daily practice.

Fredrik Prag is a Swedish Pilates Teacher with roots in Athletics and Fine Art. 
His Pilates journey begun in 2002 he studied pilates in the traditional way, he trained and apprentice for three years in Pilates Scandinavia studio in Stockholm. 
His continuing education in the work is inspired by the teaching of Master Teacher Jay Grimes, Moses Urbano.


He is a renowned Pilates Teacher with over 12 years of experience, his clients rage from anyone interested in learning through the method as well as professional actors, olympic athletes, professional fighters, business men and artists whom are often looking to deepen their skills to a higher level of performance. He was represented as a Teacher at Palermo Pilates Convention in 2016 and also in 2017. 
Fredrik trained in the healing arts and in Applied Kinesiology and Cranio Scaral Therapy. He has also worked extensively in the equestrian field; in groundwork, communication and equestrian massage. The experience and work as a healer and his athletic background, give him an unique approach to the method. 
”Whether you are looking for solid and challenging workouts or personal exploration along side physical exercise, or even a journey to heal your body to or increase your level of physical fitness, inviting Fredrik to work with you can be both very rewarding and totally life changing.”
Key words for his teaching are: Strength, Control, Joy, Threshold, Power, Form. Alignment, Conditioning, Awareness and Movement Acceptance.
Fredrik, together with is wife Elisabet, is also the founder of Pilates Equipment Scandinavia a project that started in 2005. The purpose of this company is to give the growing pilates population access to high quality equipment that supports the understanding and exploration of the traditional pilates method.
The company has now supported and delivered equipment to customers in Finland, Italy, England, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Croatia.

Please find more information about Fredrik from here: http://pilatesscandinavia.com/en/studio/

Course will take place in center of Helsinki. More accurate place will be informed later.

Course will be held when ten attendees are registered.

Please book your place by email to pilatesjatta@gmail.com. Enrollment fee is 150 € which will not be returned if attendee cancels. Fee will be payed by invoice send from the organizer Pilates Gym Jatta.

Price: 1080 € + vat 24% price includes diploma and course material.


9.11. Thursday from 10-18
10.11. Friday form 9-17
11.11. Saturday from 9-17
12.11. Sunday from 9-17
32 hours of practise

Course language is English and translation is given when needed.


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